June 28, 2017

As always, Roger, a thorough report! Thank you so much for coming out on such short notice and for taking such care and concern with everything. I appreciate the suggestions you made in the report, as well as, the time you took walking me through things while we were at the house.

Sharon West

Mar 20, 2017

What a breath of fresh air!!!! An real live inspection done so professionally. Mr. Weller was punctual and proceeded to take pictures and make written record of everything he inspected. He brought our attention to many needed details and gave solutions on how to solve some of the problems he recorded. We have had many inspections on homes and rental properties, but for the first time we had someone that took the time and initiative to uncover all issues pertaining to the property. Thanks so much to Weller Home Inspections for the thorough job – we will be using you from now on…..


October 25th, 2016

Roger and his wife are a pleasure to work with. They can accommodate their customers at short notice and always welcome your presence during an inspection. Furthermore, Roger is top-notch technically! Highly recommend Weller Home Inspections.

Ace United

September 7, 2106

Roger was great! He was very thorough and explained things in detail as well as pointing things out during the review of his inspection. I would request him again for future inspections. Roger will be highly recommended to my family and friends. ?

Yvette V

September 1, 2016

I had Roger do a moisture test inspection after my residence flooded in April. He worked around my schedule, and provided a very thorough and concise report. He not only took moisture readings in the areas of the house that took water, but the entire house. I’d recommend Roger to anyone.

Dale Eiben

August 31, 2015

I was very happy with the price, the friendliness, and experience of the inspector.

I am very satisfied!

Tina B.

August 31, 2016

While in the process of getting read to close on our new home we wanted to get another set of eyes on the house. We reached out Weller Home Inspections and got Roger to come out! We were put at ease with the detail that he not only put into the inspection but the report we received after. WE just made a year in our home and Roger came out to inspect it again. We were able to submit our 1 year items for review with out builder. Thank you Roger for a great job!!

Cynthia Guzman

August 29, 2015

Thank you so much! Roger was awesome! We are grateful for the time he put in to get us what needed to be educated.

I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Cynthia G.

August 27, 2015

This is the third home I have purchased over the last 16 years. I was particularly impressed with Weller Home Inspections in terms of thoroughness and customer service. The inspector was on time and devoted the entire day to the inspection of the property. From the roof to the foundation to the detached garage including all of the major systems and appliances there were no areas left untouched. Roger’s honest discussions about the ease or difficulty of specific repairs as well as what he has seen with other homes over the years of his experience provided us confidence that we knew exactly what we were getting into with the property. We truly appreciated his professionalism and caring manner throughout the process. Photo documentation was extensive with detailed explanations of all areas inspected and what was found (good and bad). The report was complete, in depth and informative with no questions left unanswered. Weller Home Inspections came highly recommended by our realtor and I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home. Peace of mind and confidence in the purchase from negotiating the repairs after the inspection to knowing you can depend on the systems of the new home is worth every penny for a quality inspection and report. Thanks for everything.

Jeff C.

July 5, 2016

Bought an investment property which Roger inspected. he was helpful and thorough.

Elizabeth Stafford

July 5, 2015

I was nervous about finding a home inspector to inspect my home, but Mr. Roger’s warm personality and knowledge put me at ease. He was very thorough checking every inch of my home and was very resourceful, explaining everything he was doing and answering any questions that we had. He definitely has a strong knowledge in construction and loves what he does. I will definitely be using his services again and have already recommended him to my friends and co-workers! Thank you Mr. Roger!

Marjon K.

March 3, 2015

Weller Home Inspections was excellent as far as being thorough and prompt. I used them to perform a home inspection on my new home. The man who did the inspection arrived and finished in a timely manner. He gave me good feedback as far as things I needed to do. He took his time with his inspection, and he explained everything to me. He answered all my questions, and told me if I had any questions to not hesitate in calling him.

Dennis C.

June 11, 2015

We contacted Weller Home Inspections through a referral. A friend of ours had used them and recommended Roger to us. No doubt, he was professional and thorough. The items he identified were not easy to spot. I know the builder wasn’t particularly happy, but very glad we hired him. In addition, we are pleased with the professional documentation of the process. The detailed CD mailed to us helped a great deal, many thanks!

Richmond A.

June 11, 2015

I personally accompanied Roger as he conducted the inspection of my potential home. I was very impressed at the level of detail that he went to in order to thoroughly check all aspects of the home. He was very thorough, and extremely knowledgeable in every area he checked, which was just about everything imaginable. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting an excellent assessment of a potential home buy.

His work is outstanding!

Wallace S.

May 2, 2015

I am writing to strongly recommend Mr.Weller as a home inspector.

We just bought our first home and we are very cautious buyers. Mr. Weller has a good sense of humor which helps in this nerve racking process of purchasing a home. When we got the report I was blown away by the detail and professionalism and even our builder said that the report was very complete and professional.

Weller Home Inspections, PLLC’s combination of skill, experience, professional ethics and intuition is exactly what we had been looking, we wanted someone who we can trust and from the first call we were excited about his expertise.

Ten thumbs up!!!

Noelia & Gilberto M.

May 21, 2015

Hello, Mr. Weller,
I have posted a review on Yelp. Thank you again for easing our worries. I will be sure to contact you before the one year warranty for another inspection.
Melodi B.

Nov. 14, 2014

Mr Weller was on time & performed inspection and showed me/pointed out to me different problems that he found and how to improve them. He also told me his experiences with other home inspection as I am a first time home buyer.Very thorough and educational.

Sept. 2014

Fantastic service. Roger is knowledgeable, doesn’t rush, professional and gives you a ton of information about the home. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a really good home inspection. Overall, I left felling very informed.

Noble J., Cypress, TX

Nov.28, 2014

Mr. Weller arrived early and immediately got to work. He walked me through what he found and explained what items he was going to note in his inspection report and why. He also offered tips for fixing minor things and what tools could be used (for example using a masonry drill to make weep holes in the brick veneer). He also explained things which were simply a feature of the house, such as the venting baffles in the attic I learned a lot during the inspection. He was professional, polite, and very helpful.
Erin W., Houston, TX

Sept. 10, 2014

It went great as he was very professional and explained everything that was found that needed to be repaired.

R. Sanchez, Houston, TX.

Sept. 19, 2014

Fantastic Service!
I was nervous about home inspection – you never know what your going to get. I am extremely happy I chose Weller home inspection. Roger was thorough, and very knowledgeable. He walked my husband and I around and explained everything in detail and even provided some diy repair options where applicable. We didn’t feel rushed and we left feeling very informed. We got the report back via email the same day and were mailed a CD as well. I would definitely recommend him to others.
Christina Justice

June 25, 2014

Mr Weller perfomed an exceptionally thorough home inpection on our brand new home. He provided a long detailed report with pictures and code reference of any issues.
Mr Weller arrived on time. He was very friendly and extremely attentive. He listened to my concerns and assured me that he would look at the issues of concern as well as the issues he normally looks at. He encouraged me to come along with him to see exactly what he was looking at and looking for. I followed him through our home and he educated me on maintenance and care. He found issues of concern that my last inspector failed to see.
He informed me of ways to maintain the home. He showed me all areas that he is looking at. I was most impressed with the fact that he typically will only do one inspection per day on a full home in spection, as he wants to give 100% of his time He was at my home for 6 hours looking through every nook and cranny. I had absolute peace of mind that someone who cared was looking out for my best interest. By the time Mr Weller had completed our home inspection, I felt extremely knowledgeable and really learnt so much about my home, the way it is built and how to care for it. He looked inside and out and did not miss a spot!
When the report arrived later that evening, it was many pages long, many pictures and full instructions on how to remedy what he had found. He also included serial numbers of all my major kitchen appliances for easy reference. All I had to do was show our builder the findings and from there it was very easily fixed.
Mr Weller is a top notch inspector. I would hire him again if I were to purchase a new home. He is very experienced and has built homes in the past, so he really knows what to look for. He was professional and available to answer my question after the report was sent to me.
If you are looking for a caring professional who will go above and beyond the typical inspection. Contact Mr Weller! He will not disappoint. Your home is your biggest investment, so invest in an inspector that would look at your home as if it were his very own. I was very happy with the service that I received and have no hesitation to refer him to others.
Mary Catajan of Katy, TX


Roger is very detail oriented and is very knowledgeable. His Background in Construction is an advantage he brings. I recommend him Highly and Refer him to all my clients!
Ronnie Hardman

Dec. 2013

My name is Brian S. and I want to say a few things about Roger Weller Home Inspections. I recently was in need of a home inspector and as fate would have it I was lucky enough to find Mr. Weller. After a brief phone interview I felt I had the right man looking after my best interests. The man was professional, prompt, courteous but most importantly very thorough. As an inspector, he took extra time with me to answer all my questions even while he was doing the inspection. He only does one inspection a day so as not to rush an inspection and believe me that is exactly what you need from a person in his profession. This process of using Roger Weller as my home inspector has left me with a peace of mind and a new friend that I feel I can call on anytime.

Best regards,

Brian S.

Katy, TX

March 2013

As a first-time homebuyer I wanted to make sure I got a thorough and detailed inspection. Mr. Weller exceeded my expectations. He was knowledgeable and helpful and took the time to explain things, even alot of items that weren’t necessarily part of the official report. My report was detailed and prompt and it really helped during my walk through with the contractor. He put this first-time buyer at ease and I would recommend him to everyone!! Thanks Roger!!

Jennifer Fletcher

Katy, Tx

April 2012

Roger inspected our home and was very thorough. He took time to show us things to help us better maintain our home as well. He really explained things well and we really enjoyed having him in our home.

Stephanie Britt


Katy TX

Nov. 2011

Mr. Weller is a residential inspector of the highest quality. His professional ability is unquestionable. His years of experience reflect knowledgeable recommendations for customers to make informed decisions. His flexibility and communication skills are remarkable. I would personally recommended him to my own family….and I did!

Amy Gonzalez, Case Manager-TCHP

Hospital & Health Care

Houston, TX

Oct. 2012

I hired Roger for a home inspection for my first home. He took the time to show me things that I fell will really help me be prepared as a homeowner. His report was very detailed, included pictures, and he also gave me a manual of home repairs that I could do myself. I couldn’t have found a better home inspector. I will be recommendinghim to all of my friends!

Thanks Roger!

Felicia Johnson, Sr. IT Business Process Analyst at KBR, Inc.

Houston, TX

Very knowledgeable and trustworthy, Roger consistently finds and points out potential problems for my home buyers and educates them on how to repair the items, and difficulty involved. He is a great resource!

Becky Leal RE/MAX Cinco Ranch Katy, TX

May 12, 2012

It was a total pleasure having you inspect my house. I sincerely appreciate all of your help and insite.

Your report was excellent, and the package you gave me made it just that much more. John Hynes was right, I would Highly recommend you to a friend or neighbor.

Eric Lowell, Cypress, TX

April 2012

Roger inspected our home and was very thorough. He took time to show us things to help us better maintain our home as well. He really explained things well and we really enjoyed having him in our home.

Stephanie Britt, Katy, TX

I have been in banking 15 yrs and realize how important a “real” Home Inspection is. We built our home in 2010-2011 and finally closed 5 months late in May 2011. I called Roger Weller to make sure the builder did the best job and ensure we are in code. I was in shock when I found out the results. There was condensation build-up inside the AC unit in the attic by the electrical pannel. Water and Electricity do not mix no matter where you are from. I had no emergency disconnect, which should be on the exterior wall of our home, for the AC units. There was no cat walk from attic entrance to 1 of the heating units. This is a standard requirement for maintaince, and was a violation that we did not know about. The AC read 101 degress coming out in some rooms when set on 73 degrees. These are just some of the deficiencies found.

I recommend Roger to inspect any brand new or older home. Our home was just built, and thought why get an inspection? Well now I know. Builders can cut coners at times, and the home owner may not be aware or understand this. The warranty will be up in less than a yr for our new construction. We would not have known about the problems found, or being a fire hazard without the inspection. Roger came to inspect our 4000 sq ft home and did it in 5 hrs. He went from attic, to room by room, and outside. That is a short time for as much work as he did. He is great at his job, I believe because of his experience in construction. He is honest and a straight shooter.
I almost forgot to mention that in his report he gives serial No’s to each item, model No’s and many colored pictures that have helped. Roger’s report should be locked in a fire proof safe in case you lose your home.
Please choose Roger for any inspections you may have. Thanks again Roger, for the report, so we can work out issues with the builder.
Tina Cass, Banking Center Manager
Comerica Bank, Sealy, TX

Roger Weller did a very thorough home inspection for me recently. He found serveral things which I would never have noticed. One of those was a potential fire hazard. My home is new and under warranty for just a few more months; so I really wanted to make sure that everything gets fixed as it should before the warranty runs out. I am very glad I hired him. He brought his charming wife with him, and she helped by taking notes. I recommend Roger Weller to anyone needing a thorough home inspection.

All the best,

Virginia Nance, Pearland, TX

Mr. Weller with Weller Home Inspections, PLLC is very knowledgable and has always taken the time to explain the whole process of the home inspection to myself and my clients. He has walked my clients step by step through his findings and has excellent communication skills. His level of service and commitment is second to no other. I strongly recommend his services.

Thank you so much!!

Collette Horton Liberty Star Mortgage

Fulshear, TX

Great job Roger! I now know my new home inside and out.

What to expect today tomorrow and down the road when it comes to repairs.

Thanks so much,

Sarah R., Katy, TX

To Whom It May Concern:

We have known Roger, both personally and professionally, for many years. Roger knows construction from the ground up. His backgroud is perfectly suited to inspecting homes.
When we built our new custom home, we contacted him for his professional advice and he found many things that had been overlooked during the construction. He later constructed a room addition for us and it was done professionally, timely and on budget.
We can honestly and sincerely recommend Roger for his construction knowledge, experience and advice.

Susan and Larry

Katy, TX

I will never purchase a home without Weller Home Inspections. I purchased a home built in 1989 by a reputable Houston home builder at a very good price compared to what that builder sells new homes for today. The big question in my mind was how much money I am going to have to spend to bring this 30 year old house to current energy standards and what maintenance costs will I be dealing with??

Bottom line I saved over $30,000 by purchasing a well built older home than a brand new home in a newer subdivision with a higher tax rate.
I learned that with about $2,000 in added insulation and minor repairs I was able to buy a larger home in a more established area for much less money. And I qualified for a $1,500.00 Income Tax Energy efficiency credit for upgrading the insulation to current standards.
For less than $350.00 on a through home inspection, I was able to make one of the best financial investments of my life. In addition, when I go to sell this home I will have a very detailed inspection report with pictures to show prospective buyers improvements that were made to my home. I’m happy to report my over all satisfaction with Roger’s expert knowledge of home building.
Teresa P.
Houston, TX