Spring Cleaning

Springtime will be here before you know it. In fact, it officially begins on March 20, 2016. Which means it’s time to start thinking Spring Cleaningabout spring cleaning.

  • Wash windows inside and out and wipe down the sills. This Old House gives great tips on how to wash your home’s windows. 
  • Wash curtains/window treatments. Some experts suggest running them through an air-fluff cycle in the dryer with a damp towel for 15 minutes (which helps to attract dust).
  • Clean blinds – wipe them with a damp cloth.
  • Dust your home thoroughly, this includes ceiling fans, kitchen cabinets, baseboards, and doorways. Make sure to get rid of all of those cobwebs on the ceiling and corners.
  • Wash out all of your homes’ trash cans and let them air dry outside if possible.
  • Move furniture and clean underneath them.
  • Clean your floors and carpet. We suggest having your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year.
  • Clean furniture – vacuum pillows and underneath cushions.
  • Clean your refrigerator. Some experts say the best is a combination of abrasive salt and bubbly soda water.
  • Clean all of your kitchen appliances, especially your oven.
  • Organize your pantry and throw away expired food.
  • Thoroughly clean your bathrooms. “To remove hard-water scale or mildew on showerheads, faucetheads and drains, soak them in vinegar. If the head isn’t removable, position a plastic bag filled with vinegar over it and tape it shut,” according to HGTV.
  • Turn mattresses and vacuum them.
  • Air out spring blankets and comforters before using them.
  • Sweep porches and decks.

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Happy New Year from The Wellers!