Time to Change Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

Time to Change Your Smoke Alarm BatteriesDaylight Savings Time came to an end this morning at 2:00. This means changing your clocks to reflect Standard Time (clocks fall back an hour), and it also means it’s time to put new batteries into your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, as batteries typically need to be replaced twice a year.

Weller Home Inspections suggest using the time change in the spring and fall as reminders to replace those very important batteries. Firefighters will tell you that your sense of smell doesn’t work well while you’re asleep, so it’s critical that your alarms are in good working order.

We also suggest placing smoke alarms outside of bedrooms and on every floor of a house. They should also be cleared of dust so take this time to clean them off as well.

Carbon monoxide alarms are also crucial for your family’s safety. Some fireplaces and appliances use gas, including hot water heaters, kitchen appliances, and home heaters.

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