Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall Home Maintenance TipsThe fall season is rapidly approaching. In fact, it officially begins on September 23.

It’s that special time of the year when we enjoy watching our favorite football team, all the beautiful leaves start to change color, and it’s the beginning of much needed cooler weather.

It also means it’s time to do a little home maintenance in anticipation of the colder months. Weller Home Inspections, located in Brookshire, Texas, provides the following fall home maintenance tips:

  • Gutters – “After leaves have fallen, clean out the gutters and downspouts, flush them with water, inspect joints, and tighten brackets if necessary”, according to BobVila.com.
  • Caulking – To keep the winter from coming inside, Travelers.com offers the following advice: “Check and repair caulking around doors and windows that show signs of deterioration.”
  • Fireplace – Get your fireplace in working order. It’s a good idea to have it inspected and cleaned by a professional every year.
  • Heating system – To ensure that your heater is working correctly for the cooler months, have a professional check it out once a year.
  • Ceiling fans – Change the direction of your ceiling fan to create an upward draft that redistributes warm air from the ceiling, suggests BobVila.com.
  • Water pipes – In Texas we usually don’t have to insulate our water pipes in the fall, however, it’s a good time to start preparing for that winter ritual. You want to make sure you insulate all the water pipes that will be exposed to the cold temperatures. Lowe’s and Home Depot, as well as other retailers, offer easy to install items that will keep pipes nice and cozy.
  • Smoke detectors – Make it a habit each fall to check your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms, and install fresh batteries in them.
  • Garden tools – Clean all your garden tools and equipment before storing them for the winter.
  • Tree branches – Trim dead branches out of the trees to prevent them from falling down during winter storms.
  • Fall leaves – “Put the raked leaves in the compost pile or use as a mulch. Whatever you do, don’t waste fallen leaves because they’re an excellent source of nutrients and organic matter. You can also add them to flower beds to put a winter blanket on your garden,” advises DIYNetwork.com.

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