Deficiencies Found By Mr. Roger During Home Inspections

The following are examples of deficiencies that Mr. Roger, Inspector and Owner of Weller Home Inspections in Brookshire, Texas, found during recent home inspections in the greater Houston area:

Roof shingles not laying flush: This condition allows driven rain to penetrate the roof covering materials. All shingles should lay flush to the roof at all times. Mr. Roger has the experience and a trained eye to see installation errors. If that new home you are purchasing just got a new roof, it may have deficiencies.

Deficiencies Found By Mr. Roger During Home Inspections


Missing shingle above the dryer vent: This was a new roof that was replaced. New roofs need to be checked as sometimes mistakes are made that can be costly down the road. All shingles should be in place. Checking the roof is part of a home inspection.

Deficiencies Found By Mr. Roger During Home Inspections


Missing a cut off valve for the cold side: Missing a cut off valve for the cold water line of the water heater. What would happen if you need to turn off the water without a cut off valve at the water heater? Do you know where your main cut off valve for the entire home is located? These are important things to know about your home. Mr. Roger can give you the answers.

Deficiencies Found By Mr. Roger During Home Inspections

Wires passing through the furnace cabinet: Should be a bushing/clamp to prevent the wires rubbing on the metal cabinet and shorting out over a period of time with vibrations of shouting on and off. Don’t take chances with your heating and A/C. Let Mr. Roger check on it along with the rest of your home.


Shingles are not laying flat: Lifted shingle indicates a nail or other debris under the shingles. Shingles should be flush to the roof with no gaps.


Damaged shingles: Nails not flush causing damage to the shingle above. All nails should be driven flush to each shingle.


Flute pipe: Flute pipe is not aligned to the draft hood of the gas hot water tank. This condition disperses gases into the attic instead of the exterior of the home. This is not what you want in your home.


Electrical box: If this is your electrical box, you really need a certified electrician sooner rather than later.


Electrical with some burnt wires: When the wires begin to burn, an electrical fire is not far behind. This is one of the leading causes of house fires. Call Mr. Roger for an inspection, if you think your electrical box looks like this one.


30 amp breaker with the wrong size wire: This is a common mistake that can be costly. Don’t let another day go by without checking this. If you don’t know for sure the shape your electrical box is in, then please call Mr. Roger today. Better safe than sorry.


Cable is broken before foundation is poured: Post tension cable on a Phase I, pre-pour foundation is broken. These cables are important for the stability of the foundation over its lifetime and should be right in the first place. All the more reason to have an inspection before the concrete is poured. This time it was found.


Roof repair: Besides the obvious replacement of shingles, you really want to know what is going on underneath. Why were they replaced and what does the attic look like? Call Mr. Roger for the answers. You can’t go wrong with a qualified home inspector that really cares about your well being and safety.


These are just some of the many reasons why you should have your home inspected by Mr. Roger before signing on the dotted line.

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