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We’d like to introduce you to – Roger A. Weller (better known as Mr. Roger), Home Inspector and Owner of Weller Home Inspections located in Brookshire, Texas.

The Early Days

In 1972, Roger returned to his hometown of Dayton, Ohio after proudly serving the country in the U. S. Army, 3nd INF. DIV. Most of his military time was spent in West Germany where he developed a great respect and fondness for the people and the culture while receiving proper military training and discipline.

In Dayton, Roger took up a lucrative career in the auto painting field, even though he came from a long line of carpenters. This led him to custom painting cars for auto shows where he developed an excellent eye for noticing even the smallest flaws in the color and finish of a paint job. He carried over his training to the home inspections he performs today. If there is a flaw in your home, Roger will find it.

By 1977, Texas seemed to offer more opportunity, so Roger moved his family to the Katy area. Employment with Western Electric (AT&T) seemed to be the place for him until the deregulation of the phone company. Computers were just becoming a way of life for businesses, so he moved on over to an industrial computer company where he grew with this young company for 13 years, learning all he could about computers and business world with training and classes.

Building Homes

In the mean time, his goal was to build his own home as his interest in home construction and the details of building was a long time dream. In 1998, he and his new wife, Cheryl, built the home they still live in today, on their property in Waller County.

By 2001, the computer company moved out of state and he acquired a position as a superintendent for a major new home builder that was rated #2 in the nation with J. D. Power. In 2002, with great pride, he was awarded a trophy for Customer Satisfaction Superintendent of the year in response to his excellent work. This lead to his promotion to Project Manager where he continued to work and oversee the building of new homes in several communities in the Houston area including The Woodlands, Katy, Sealy, and Bellville before deciding to become a home inspector.

Perfect Fit

Roger enjoys dealing with individuals on a one-on-one basis and working in construction, which naturally lead him into the home inspection industry. He knew it would be a perfect fit for him because of his vast experience and talent.

After completing all the required training and meeting the necessary qualifications, Roger now runs his own business out of the home that he built on Micklitz Road in Waller County.

Mr. Roger’s Better Half

Cheryl is Roger’s lovely wife. She schedules inspections and is very good with details which makes her an excellent office manager.

She is no stranger to the business world, she has managed and owned a business of her own in Houston and Dallas. She also worked as an Administrative Assistant for several engineering firms in Houston over a 10 year period of time.

Cheryl also enjoys working with people on a one-on-one basis and shares an interest in home building with Roger.

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